India is a land of tales, myths and not to forget, LOVE STORIES! But taking a break from regular love stories that we have come across so many times at so many places and in so many books, let’s have a glance at some intriguing unknown fascinating love stories of India which I bet many […]

On the first day of this auspicious festival of Maa Durga-NAVRATRI, I am reposting my experience visiting Maa’s Siddh Shaktipeeth- Vindhyachal. Read and enjoy.   The sun was glinting gold in the afternoon when I landed a narrow alley where one of the most revered temples of the world dedicated to Maa Durga-temple of Maa […]

Title of this blog might confuse you. Why? Because Brahma is an ardent devotee of God almighty and he can’t even in his wildest dream think of doing anything which can desecrate  Narayan. But the fact is that it happened once. But it was not a fight using arms and weaponry. It was something beyond […]

1. Every problem has a solution and everyone has a problem- Everyone has problems. Literally everyone has problems, big or small. I have come across many articles and blogs telling how to cope with them and be happy. But there are some points I have not seen in many articles or maybe I didn’t come across […]

Tomorrow is Radha-ashtami or birthday of Radha and that’s why I’m republishing this blog telling all about consort of Shri Krishna. Enjoy😊😊😊 We all have seen Radha along with shree Krishna in so many temples and know that they are the embodiment of love and the purest form of love. We know that they are […]

I’ll start with a short story. Once a blind beggar was begging in a train and when he passed by; a man on upper seat wished to give him some coins but was far so asked the man sitting beneath to pass the beggar the coins he wished to give. The man sitting beneath did […]

Whenever you’re sad remember someone’s watching you who laughs when you laugh smiles when you smile and feels devastated when you feel sad and what to say about his mental condition when you are depressed. Remember he loves you so much that he keeps an eye on you even when you are asleep. I know […]